acupressure Jul 02, 2020

SP6 is one of the most common points to use for treating gynaecological, emotional or digestive issues. This point can help to strengthen our liver-, spleen- and kidney energy, nourish the blood and yin energy, and calm the mind. It can also help to move stagnant energy (often from emotional stress) and remove what in Chinese medicine is known as “dampness” - that often can make us feel sluggish, fatigued and brain fogged. All in all a pretty great point to use whenever you want to re-balance your body´s hormones and energy. 

SP6 is located on the inside of your leg, one hand width from the highest point on your ankle, just off the tibia bone. This point is often very tender, press and hold with medium pressure or massage it gently clockwise while taking 5 deep belly breaths. Pause and repeat three times before moving on to the last point.

Important: do not use this point if pregnant!

Great to combine with YinTang, ST36 and KI1 to calm your mind and relax your body.




mindfulness Jun 25, 2020

With summer approaching and exciting things happening soon, I'm working hard to get stuff done before we start our family vacation next week. And in the midst of working late, planning and overthinking a few things, I came across a post on instagram that inspired and reminded me of a few key mindset shifts that are so easy to forget when life gets busy, but that we all need reminding of sometimes. So I wanted to share them with you. 

1. The race is long and in the end - it is only with yourself. Take your time and remember that the most important thing is to enjoy your life. Plan for the future - but find joy in the now. 

2. There are a million things you could be doing but ask yourself if you want to be doing them. Get super clear on how you spend your time and energy and tune in to your body to let it guide you. Do you feel uplifted, energised and calm while doing something? or stressed, uptight or overwhelmed? Do none (or much less) of the latter and find the balance between what you really need to do and what you love to do. 

3. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Really be so thankful for everything you have and get to do. That morning coffee that tastes so good - savour it. The hug from your little one - be there and feel it so hard your heart almost bursts with love. Look up from your phone and take in the beautiful nature around you. 

4. Be in the now. Have a conversation with a friend or partner without talking about something that is going to happen in the future and stop yourself the moment you find yourself drifting off mid conversation. Be here. 

5. Cultivate a growth mindset - be a student of life. We all make mistakes and no one is perfect, so be curious. When bad things happen think - how can I learn from this? When amazing things happen - take the win! Acknowledge it and take a moment to enjoy and celebrate it. 

6. Enjoy the sunshine. Smile and breathe. Some things can just wait...

So what things can you let go of to feel lighter, happier and more free? And what can you be grateful for in this moment?

Have a wonderful day, love



self-care Jun 18, 2020

How we feel is greatly affected by the energy and environment around us, and our home should be a space where we can feel relaxed and re-charge our batteries. So today I want to share 5 lovely ways to up the good vibes in our home!

1. Most of us thrive in a tidy and simplistic environment (this can immediately put our brain waves into alpha waves - a resting state where we feel relaxed, in the here and now, and more open to creative thinking and learning). But with a three year old at home, our house can look and feel a bit chaotic throughout the day. So instead I aim to make areas relaxing and pleasing to the eye. We have plenty of green plants all around the house, a space where I always do my morning stretches and yoga, and keep a few vases with flowers, coffee table books and candles on our kitchen table. These are little things to rest my eyes on and can help me to feel calm throughout the day.

2. Take a few minutes in the morning to make the bed and open curtains and windows to let the fresh air and light flood in. This can immediately make our environment feel lighter and happier.  

3. It is no secret that I love crystals. I like to place them around the house and little ones in my pockets as reminders to breathe and relax. (I also believe they radiate positive vibes and help to transform or keep negative energy away...)

4. Smell is a powerful way to enhance any mood, so I like to use scented candles or essential oils to uplift during the day, and wind down in the evening (or when I need a moment of calm). I love the candles by North & Lights as they are hand-poured in Norway by the sweetest girl Christine. Not only do I like to support small businesses that are passionate about what they do, these candle have such a beautiful scent and are 100% natural made from rapeseed wax and phtalate free fragrances (containing no harmful toxins so they are safe and healthy to use!). This candle is called Daydream and is sponsored, but I have purchased several myself prior to this post so I highly recommend them. You can check them our here.   

5. Before we come in to the house, we are very aware of what things and what energy we ourselves are bringing in. As a family we want our space to be a little haven, so making sure we let go of stuff that isn't really serving us, helps us feel lighter and more relaxed at home. 

What things do you do for yourself that help you stay calm and energised at home? Hope you found these tips useful and have a wonderful day x


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self-care Jun 11, 2020

Gua sha is an ancient self-care practice that has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. This sweet and simple tool can help to increase blood circulation, aid lymphatic drainage, rejuvenate-, tone and smooth skin, boost collagen, combat pigmentation as well as dark circles and puffy eyes, define your jawline, reduce wrinkles and give you a healthy looking glow! Em yes please.

I love to use mine in the morning - especially if my face is feeling or looking puffy. With clean hands and face, i apply cram or oil and gently massage my face using the Gua sha tool with gentle strokes from the centre of my face, outwards and upwards. 

If you haven't got one, I would absolutely recommend them! Not only is it easy to incorporate into a self-care routine, it is a lovely way to spend a few minutes loving and caring for yourself while taking a few deep breaths. There are many types and shapes on the market, most of them are made of crystal (like jade or rose quartz) which gives not only a wonderful cooling effect, but also the good vibes that crystals hold. When purchasing one, avoid the cheapest types as they are often made of synthetic materials that could irritate your skin. 

Hope you're have a wonderful evening and happy massaging! 


P.S. If you're wondering where to buy one, hint hint you may be able to buy one here at YinMama pretty soon ;)



acupressure May 21, 2020

Taking time to relax and wind down after a long day is vital for our health and well-being. But if our mind is spinning and we’re feeling stressed, anxious or frustrated, it isn’t always so easy. Using acupressure points on yourself can be a great way to calm your mind and relax your body..

I just published a new article in the major online magazine the Elephant Journal sharing 3 Simple Acupressure Points for Instant Calm that you can use anytime you're feeling stressed, anxious or frustrated

You can read the article here and I would be so grateful if you could like and share it if you find it helpful

Have a wonderful day! Love



mindfulness May 14, 2020

Most of us spend a lot of our time on autopilot, missing the small moments that make up a beautiful life because we are too distracted or stressed to simply let it all go and be present. But over time as we practice being more mindful, we train ourselves to live more and more in the present moment. Here are 3 ways to practice mindfulness daily (and especially whenever you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious or distracted). 

1connect with your breath. Place your hand on your stomach, close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths in and out through your nose. As you inhale try to draw your breath all the way down in to your stomach so that you can feel your stomach expand outwards. Pause for a moment and gently breathe out, noticing how your stomach relaxes

2Connect with your senses
What can you see around you?
What can you smell?
What can you taste?
What sounds can you hear?
What can you touch? place your hands on your legs, give them a little squeeze and feel the fabric.

3Do any activity like going for a walk and notice every step you take or wash some dishes and notice how the warm water feels on your hands. Do anything simple and practice being fully present

 Love Tori



mindset self-care May 07, 2020

In a world that is so busy going, being doing and achieving (yang) - taking moments to rest, nurture, love and care for yourself is an act of courage. I call these moments of yin. Time for you to be. to tune in. to connect with yourself, with those you love and what you love to do. Our society isn't really built to allow for these moments so we need to create space for them ourselves.

Sometimes it takes a little planning, other times it is just about being present in the moment. Looking up at the sky. Listening to the birds. Putting your phone away and simply looking into the eyes of those you care about. Making the space around you beautiful. Taking a few deep belly breaths. 

When I read the beautiful book Pihl I hjertet by Camilla Pihl, a Norwegian blogger, model and designer, I was in awe of how beautifully she describes how it isn't really about finding the one quick fix thing you need to do, but rather about taking small moments throughout your day that will lead to healing and joy.

Jeg testet ut alle tenkelige behandlingsmetoder. Jeg leste alt jeg kom over av selv-hjelps bøker. Jeg prøvde alt mellom himmel og jord, på jakt etter en enkel of effektiv løsning. En hestekur. Men jeg fant den ikke. Det sies at det ikke er de store traumene som tar knekken på oss mennesker, men at det som setter oss ut av spill er de mange små tingene. Den jevne strømmen av hverdags motstand. Plastposen hvor håndtaket ryker på vei hjem fra butikken. Mobilen som ringer, men som du ikke klarer å finne i vesken. De fire røde lysene på rad. 

Etter mange måneder med prøving og feiling, innså jeg at om der var de små banale øyeblikkene av motstand som tok knekken på oss. Kanskje også løsningen lå der? Kanskje det ikke fantes noe enkelt svar, eller èn vidunderkur. Kanskje løsningen lå i de enkle o banale øyeblikkene. At det var bittesmå daglige endringer som skulle til, istedenfor en enkel stor? Små ting, som ga en jevn strøm av små gleder. Blaff av lykke, oppi alt stresset og kaoset.

- Pihl i Hjertet, Camilla Pihl

A beautiful book I really recommend you read (if you speak Norwegian). Let this be a reminder to take moments throughout your day, because that is where the true healing and joy can take place. 




mindset Apr 29, 2020

To do lists are great. But they can also easily create overwhelm when we put anything and everything we could possibly think of that needs doing sometime this week, month or year on them. And as the never ending to do list grows - because lets face it, for every item you tick off is quickly replaced with another one of four more items which can leave us feeling easily stressed and overwhelmed by all that "needs" to be done. So today I want to share a little 3 step process that I have personally found to be very useful when creating a to do list. I love to do this first thing Monday morning as it helps me organise and get clear on what I am doing that week. 

1. Do a brain dump. Basically write your never ending to do list - get all your thoughts out on a piece of paper. What this can do is help to clear your mind and create space for you to evaluate what is important now, and what can wait. And quite often it's a lot of the same thoughts going around and around in you mind making them seem a lot more pressing, complicated or stressful than what they perhaps really need to be. So get it all out on paper. 

2. Look at your piece of paper and divide them into different categories using coloured markers: So blue could be for work, yellow for family/home and pink for personal... Then one by one I look at each category and give it a number of importance (and simply scratching out anything that isn't necessary or needing to be done anytime soon...) 

3. Get out you planner or a new piece of paper to write your to do list for the week. Now be ruthless with what you actually allow to be on this list and realistic about how much time it may take. I only add the top 3 that are most important or pressing for each category (depending on how large a task they are of course). You can keep the other list near by as a reminder for next week, but instead of then feeling like you need to tackle the a whole world in a day (which is just overwhelming for anyone), you can have a clear focus and feel great when you tick each item off. You may even feel so motivated and on top of things that you tackle a few of the other items on your brain dump too, which is a bonus!

Hop this helps and please remember to put plenty of self-care on your personal to do list!




self-care Apr 24, 2020

These days I am all about taking plenty of time for self-care and today I want to share one of my favourite acupressure points known as the Glow Point. It is located in the centre of- and below your cheekbones

This acupressure point is said to relieve tension in the face, gently lift the skin, boost circulation and give you a healthy glow! Yes please...

So tonight while your taking your makeup off, give yourself a lovely little face massage and add some gentle pressure with your knuckles to the glow point.

Have a wonderful weekend, love


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