yoga & meditation Sep 10, 2020

I really believe that meditation is one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves and for those we love. People who meditate reported through a survey that they do it because;

feel more relaxed

sleep better

it clears and calms their mind

helps them focus better at work

feel more balanced within themselves and more connected to their body

feel more grounded and at peace

have less stress and anxiety

and that it boosts their energy levels!

All wonderful reasons to make it a daily habit...

If you're new to Meditation, it's really just a fancy word for taking some time to turn off distractions, connecting with our breath and turning our attention inwards. So today I want to share 5 ways to make meditation easy and a part of our daily routine. 

1. Don't call it meditation - instead think of it just as a moment you're taking to tune in and connect with yourself. A moment to breathe and give back to yourself.

2. Sit comfortably. If you're sitting on a chair - have your feet flat on the floor. Or if you're on your yoga mat, sit on a pillow and cross your legs in front of you, letting your hands rest in your lap. Try to have a straight but relaxed back, and close your eyes helps to focus our attention inwards.

3. Whenever we are trying to incorporate a new habit in to our day, it can help to do it at the same time every day and even in the same physical space. This makes it easier to remember, creates a familiarity around it and our mind begins to automatically relax as we get ready to meditate. So pick a time and space that works for you...

Personally I love to meditate in the morning just after my son and husband has left, before I start work. I have created a little space in the living room where I keep my YinMama Wool Yoga Mat and Meditation Pillow, that feels inviting and really comfortable. Creating this space makes me really want to take this moment every day for myself and it helps me feel more relaxed and focused throughout the day. 

If your mornings feel chaotic, try taking a few minutes after parking the car before you step in to work, or after a shower in the evening before bed. Choose anywhere or any time that works for you.

4. You'll probably find that when you sit down to take this moment, your mind is flooded with thoughts! That's normal. The aim of meditation isn't to stop our thoughts, but rather to allow time for your mind chatter to vent out and for your thoughts and feelings to surface and release, so that you can go about your day with a more calm and focused mind...

So when the thoughts pop up - don't try to push them away. Simply allow them to come up, and on the next exhale just let them pass... not paying too much attention to them. Kind of like clouds in the air, they're just there - floating past. When you find yourself thinking about something, just bring your attention back to your breath. 

It can also help to use touch to bring your attention back to the present moment, which is why I love to hold a crystal while meditating. Whenever my thoughts start to pop up, I breathe and notice the weight of the crystal in my hand. (The energy in certain crystals are also said to help us feel more relaxed, grounded and present. To learn more about which crystal to use, you can check out the crystal guide here). 

5. Make it short. 2-5 minutes to begin with is great, then built from there. And in the beginning, it can be easiest to use a guided meditation - listening to someone walk you through it. I have created a guided meditation for you that is perfect any time you want to connect inward, breathe and feel more relaxed. Click play here to listen

I hope you find these tips helpful and give it a try - notice how you feel after and throughout the day. 




yoga & meditation Sep 03, 2020

In this 20 minute video I guide you through 5 gentle yin and restorative yoga poses, perfect for relaxation in the evening.

Please keep in mind that this is only meant as a guide - Yoga should never feel painful, and only do what feels natural and ok for you. 

This video contains advertisement for the YinMama Wool Yoga mat, palo santo and essential oil roller;)

Find a quiet space, roll out your yoga mat and click play on the video above. I also recommend listening to this song on Spotify when we start the firs yoga pose. 

Enjoy :)





This is a strange time for all of us and I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

Over the past 12 years while deepening my understanding of health and wellness, Chinese medicine, yoga and meditation, I have learnt some wonderful tools that are really helping me to stay grounded and calm. I feel called to share what it is that I am doing daily so I have put it all in to a New FREE Online Mini Course for you!

I’m sharing:

Self-care tips to boost your immune system and energy levels 
a 60min yin/restorative yoga flow for deep relaxation 
- 3 Guided Meditations to find your inner calm 
and a few simple Acupressure points to release stress and worry 

so that you can feel more relaxed, present and happy 

Click here  to get instant Free access!

I would also be so grateful if you could please help me share this post as I know there are so many women who would love and benefit from this course too 

I look forward to seeing you on the inside 


Vi er inne i en merkelig tid akkurat nå og jeg håper at du og dine nærmeste er trygge og friske

De siste 12 årene har jeg virkelig fordypet meg i helse og wellness (det finnes liksom ikke et bedre ord på norsk fordi det dekker så mye mer enn velvære..), kinesisk medisin, yoga og meditasjon, som har gitt meg noen fantastiske verktøy til å håndtere stress og bekymring. Jeg føler det er utrolig viktig nå å dele hva det er jeg personlig gjør for å holde balansen og roen nå mens alt foregår så jeg har laget et helt nytt online kurs som jeg ønsker å gi deg gratis! Jeg deler:
- Selvpleie tips 
- en 60min yin/restorativ yoga flow
- 3 meditasjoner 
- akupressur punkt 
som jeg håper kan hjelpe deg til å føle deg mer avslappet og tilstede, med mer energi og hverdags glede Klikk her for å få gratis tilgang.
Jeg gleder meg til å se deg på innsiden! Ha en nydelig dag og ta godt vare på deg selv, 



I am so excited to be hosting a 6 week course locally here in stavanger starting next week in Norwegian! 

Each session is 90 minutes and combines yin/restorative yoga, deep relaxation and a new theme each week to help you calm your mind, care for your body and feel your best

Click here to read all about it and to enrol! (This course is running but currently paused due to corona virus)

Have a great week, love

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On Monday morning I woke up feeling rushed, frustrated and like I was somehow behind on my very long to do list for today (despite it only being 7am)...

I wanted to just ignore these feelings and push through, despite feeling a huge resistance that only made me more irritable. I wanted to get on with this crappy Monday, feel a little sorry for myself and start afresh tomorrow... 

We all have days like this where things feel well, a little off... But remember that we can, in any given moment, choose to change how we feel! It just takes a little inspired action and a willingness to do so... The key word here being inspired as ignoring these feelings and pushing through will only really create more tension. 

So today I want to share with you the 4 things I did to turn my day right around! that I hope can inspire you the next time you find yourself feeling the way I did on Monday morning. 

1. I stopped for a moment to acknowledge and accept how I was feeling.

2. Then I made a quick list of what I actually needed to focus on today and which things I could simply remove because they weren't urgent. Reminding myself that doing anything with frustrated or pushy energy wouldn't be beneficial anyway and accepting that not everything has to happen today (something I'm currently working on - patience), helps to release some of the pressure. 

3. I went to my favourite yoga class. Sounds idyllic but the resistance I felt as I was going through this Monday morning flow was unbearable at times. I was fighting the need to let go, of surrendering to the present moment and of tuning in to myself and accepting these feelings... It was only towards the end of the class during savasana (relaxation) that I actually felt all these feelings release.

Now I know that not everyone has the same flexibility, but frustration and stress is only stagnated energy in the body and movement moves this energy. So what is something you can do to move your energy while also tuning in to how you're feeling? 15min of stretching while your kids have breakfast or choosing to walk/bike to work with the intention of accepting and letting it all go, can have the same benefit as a morning yoga class. This is perhaps the only place you should push through the resistance of wanting to move your body, but doing so gently could be exactly what you need to help yourself out of the funk. 

4. I simply chose to smile and try to release all need to control whatever happens today. To let things be. To flow with whatever happens instead of pushing and creating more resistance. In doing so, I turned my day around and had the best most productive Monday ever.

Knowing that you can change how you feel in any given moment by taking a few simple action steps like moving your body and shifting your focus, can be extremely empowering. So I hope that your day is wonderful regardless of how it started, and that you choose to smile and be grateful for where you are in this exact moment (or try the steps above to shift your focus to feeling your best today...).




videos yoga & meditation Dec 03, 2019

With a full day of work ahead of me on this grey, cold and rainy day, I'm daydreaming of being back at the beach- toes in the warm sand and feeling the sun kiss my skin.

We all need 5 minutes to tune in, connect and re-charge sometimes, and by closing our eyes and taking a few breaths, we can be anywhere... I made this 5 minute guided beach meditation to help you do just this.

Find a comfortable position and click play. 

I hope you enjoy it, sending you so much love. 



videos yoga & meditation Oct 08, 2019

So happy to be sharing this guided body scan meditation with you, perfect anytime you want to relax (perfect to use before bed). 

I hope you enjoy it, love,

Updated 12.nov


videos yoga & meditation Sep 04, 2019

Today I filmed 3 quick yoga poses for you that I love to use, especially after sitting all day at the computer. They can help to increase mobility and relieve back tension due to stress, work or carrying the little ones...

I moved the camera halfway through the video to show the second pose and managed to chop my own forehead off... (again). Yepp, but who has time for perfection, right? So I went ahead and published it anyway ;)

Click Play to check it out. 




yoga & meditation Jul 17, 2019

I really believe that meditation is THE most important thing we can do for ourselves and for those we love. I always try to start my day with a little meditation as I find it helps me to calm, clear and focus my mind. It also grounds me and helps me to connect with how I'm feeling. Throughout the day I find I'm much happier, more relaxed and present...

Meditation is really just a fancy word for tuning in to yourself. If you're new to it, turn off all distractions, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Thats it, you're meditating! It really is that simple...

When our mind is spinning with all the things we need to do, it isn't always so easy to stay focused. So I want to share 3 meditation apps that I have used and found to be lovely; Calm, Buddhify and my personal favourite Headspace.

They all have free trials so I would recommend taking them for a test ride to find what works for you. If you feel like it - commit to yourself to try a few minutes of meditation a day either by just focusing on your breath for a few minutes with your eyes closed or using an app. See how something so simple can transform how you feel and go about your day!




yoga & meditation May 08, 2019

This week I want to share a very simple yoga pose called Sat Kriya that is said to help strengthen your mind and whole body. It can help to connect and strengthen your pelvic floor, core muscles and spine, help with anxiety and fear, aid digestion, cleanse and balance your bodies energy, stimulates creativity and can help build your self-esteem... Em yes please to all of the above! Here is a step by step guide to Sat Kriya:

1. sit on your heels, straight but relaxed back.

If it feels uncomfortable, put a pillow between your bum and legs or sit on a chair with your feet together). 

2. fold your hands in front of you so that your left thumb is on top of your right thumb (opposite for men). stretch out your forefingers. 

3. Inhale and stretch your arms out in front of you and above your head, trying to keep them straight by locking your elbows. Exhale and relax your shoulders. 

4. Do a powerful Root Lock - basically a Kegel exercise. Imagine trying to stop peeing and clenching your bum at the same time, while also pulling in your navel. this is a Root Lock. Hold if for a few seconds and then release gently... Let your breath control itself.

5. Repeat the Root Lock for 3 minutes while thinking or saying the mantra SAT NAM. SAT as you do the Root Lock and NAM as you gently release.

This Mantra comes from Kundalini Yoga and means "True Identity" or aligning with your truth. It helps you focus and stay present while doing this yoga pose. 

If you're pregnant or menstruating, simply sit with your hands resting in your lap (not above your head) and either avoid it completely or do a very soft Root Lock while saying the mantra SAT NAM. 

6. Its important to Always Relax for a few minutes after doing Sat Kriya to help your body recover

If I had to choose just one yoga pose to do everyday, this is the pose I would choose!

Have a great day, Love


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