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Take a moment out of your busy day to connect with your breath, calm your mind and relax your body.

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You get access to these 8 guided meditations that can be used anytime, anywhere. 

5min of Calm

Use this meditation anytime you need a moment of calm. Notice how your shoulders relax, your breath slows, and you can continue your day feeling relaxed and centred. 

Beach Meditation

Sometimes we all feel the need to escape the business of everyday life. In this meditation you visualise yourself on a beautiful golden beach with soft waves crashing, that can leave you feeling restored and renewed after. 

Morning Meditation

Set yourself up for the best day with this quick guided morning meditation.

Meditation for relaxation & sleep

Enjoy this guided body scan meditation that can help you relax your whole body. Perfect before sleep, or anytime you're feeling stressed and in need of some deep relaxation. 

Sounds of Rain

Sometimes we just want to snuggle up, relax and listen to the sound of rain. This meditation is a welcome 3min break anytime you feel the need to do just this.     

Healing Light Meditation

A gentle meditation to help you connect with your body while visualising golden light wash over you - so you can release stress and feel more relaxed, centred and connected. 

Meditation for Self-love & Confidence

A lovely reminder that we all need sometimes. 

Press Reset

Sometimes we just feel stuck, tired and foggy. This guided meditation is designed to help let it go, clear your mind and relax your body so that you can feel lighter and more energised.


Get access to all 8 guided meditations today, to use anytime anywhere to calm and care for your mind and body.

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