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Create your own Self-care and Meditation Ritual with The YinMama Calm & Care Ritual Kit.

Contains a beautiful essential oil roller, 6 ethically sourced crystals, and 3 palo santo sticks - designed to help you take moments out of your busy day to calm and care for your mind and body. 

The Ritual Kit Contains;

Blue lace agat

Calm & Care Essential Oil Roller

A beautiful blend of lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, sandalwood and francinsense essential oils, in a base of coconut oil and rose quartz crystals. Use to help calm and clear your mind, relax your body and promote a sense of well-being.

Smokey quartz

Smokey Quartz

A grounding, centring and stabilising stone that makes it ideal for meditation. It is said to help us overcome negative emotions such as stress, fear, jealousy and frustration. 



The perfect crystal to cleanse ourselves, our environment and other crystals of any negative energy. It also evokes a calming energy to bring deep peace and mental clarity.


amethyst crystal


A natural stress reliever that can encourage inner strength, calm, peace, spiritual growth, trusting your intuition and creativity. Attracts positive energy and protects agains any negative energy. 









Smokey quartz

Rose Quartz

Opens the heart to all types of love including self-love. It is said to help to heal all aspects of the heart, balance our emotions, and restore passion and self-esteem. 


Blue lace agat

Blue Lace Agate

This calming blue colour emits soothing vibrations that bring peace of mind and relaxation. One of the best crystals for stress and anxiety.


Black Tourmaline

A powerful crystal for protection and elimination of negative energy around you. It is said to help unblock any stagnant energy within your own body and absorb harmful electromagnetic energy. 

Palo Santo

A sacred wood that when burned, the smoke is said to have medicinal, cleansing and therapeutic healing properties. It can also inspire creativity and bring blessings. 



The Calm & Care Ritual Kit is perfect for any self-care and meditation ritual, or anytime you just need a moment to yourself.

It comes beautifully wrapped in a reusable box, with a "how to" card and a white linen pouch for your crystals.  

The crystals are ethically sourced and the essential oils are organic where possible. The Palo santo is guaranteed to be sustainably and ethically sourced from trees that are already fallen, where new trees are also planted in their place to continue the conservation and active reforestation of Palo Santo - to save this special wood from going extinct. 

So you can care for you - while also caring for our planet.

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