I used to fear changing my mind about things...
I worried I would offend other people if I did, or somehow feel like I had failed if I had committed to something and couldn’t follow through on it.

But we are always allowed to change our mind, anytime and for any reasonNow I still don’t like it! And try my best not too..

I make sure that before I commit to something (either to myself or in my work or to other people), I check in with myself. 
I ask "do I want to do this?" or "do I need to do this?"

If it’s to people please, keep the peace or simply a «nja ok sure» I politely decline. And if I make a mistake or i have over committed and I cant follow through, I apologise and change my mind ~ because its allowed.

Sometimes others get sad or offended when we set a boundary and say no.. thats ok. But we still get to honour our own needs first! Again, I try to be as honest and open to start with, but allowing myself to make mistakes and change my mind, is a huge part of allowing myself to grow and learn

When I do, I find I spend more time doing the things I love and that bring me joy, and it rubs off into every aspect of my life win win for everyone in my life too

So if you’ve started your week and you’ve overcommitted or find yourself feeling too stressed or tired to do certain things you don’t really want or really need to do...
Remember its ok to change your mind and choose differently

Personally, I have felt so overwhelmed for a few days so this has been an important reminder...

It has meant moving some planned things until next week and taking a wellness week for myself with my family (starting today) 

So that is my little reminder from me to you today  

Love Tori

P.S. The crystal I have been using every day this week is Selenite 

It is said to be the perfect crystal to cleanse ourselves, our environment and other crystals as it is said to quickly unblock and remove any negative or stagnant energy
It also evokes a calming energy to bring deep peace and mental clarity.

I move it around my aura field to cleanse my energy
I keep my other crystals on it to cleanse them
and have one in every room to keep the energy clear and uplifted

If you feel like this is a crystal you need in your life you can find them in the YinMama shop Happy cleansing!



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