Closing for self-care and spiritual maintenance because I practice what I preech💕

I always talk about Yin and Yang and how there needs to be a balance between the two. And the past few weeks I have been hustling and working hard to prepare launching the YinMama shop and a new exciting project starting in august. Now I LOVE working on my buisness (and i’m pretty sure that I didn’t know better or have my son, I would work non-stop), but after a period of being very much in yang energy, my body needs Yin now. My family is taking a 4 week holiday and I want to disconnect completely and really be present. I want to rest and care for my mind and body so that I can truly ENJOY the next chapter come august!!✨ 

So i’m taking a break from social media and from the blog to rest, spend time with family, be out in nature, practice yoga and self-care, and just fill my own cup. I know deep down that by doing this - i will have so much more energy and creativity for whats to come. Have a wonderful summer and see you again soon!




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