SP6 is one of the most common points to use for treating gynaecological, emotional or digestive issues. This point can help to strengthen our liver-, spleen- and kidney energy, nourish the blood and yin energy, and calm the mind. It can also help to move stagnant energy (often from emotional stress) and remove what in Chinese medicine is known as “dampness” - that often can make us feel sluggish, fatigued and brain fogged. All in all a pretty great point to use whenever you want to re-balance your body´s hormones and energy. 

SP6 is located on the inside of your leg, one hand width from the highest point on your ankle, just off the tibia bone. This point is often very tender, press and hold with medium pressure or massage it gently clockwise while taking 5 deep belly breaths. Pause and repeat three times before moving on to the last point.

Important: do not use this point if pregnant!

Great to combine with YinTang, ST36 and KI1 to calm your mind and relax your body.




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