mindfulness Sep 16, 2020

You know what I really want to do this autumn? Let go... Let go of huge expectations and pressure to do and be anything other than what feels right for me. Let go of feeling like I need to squeeze myself into a box to please others. Let go of thinking that life is too busy or stressful to really enjoy myself. Let go of thinking that if I haven't  achieved or done x, y, z yet, I cant relax or i'm not successful enough yet... 

I want to give myself time to breathe. to be creative. to do all the important and necessary stuff with more ease and joy. to simply be. 

And for the times I catch myself wanting to do something but automatically thinking "I don't have time", I want to remind myself to think "how can I find the time..." (which automatically has my brain searching for solutions rather than shutting the thought off altogether). 

I also want to be ok with not always feeling ok or like life is all rainbows (because we all have struggles). I want to be courageous enough to sit with it. to feel it. and then to let it go. And for every time I do, I want to feel the gratitude and growth that comes from those uncomfortable moments.

I want to embrace autumn which has the energetic quality of yin - a time to calm, to reflect, to surrender and let go...

Autumn is also a time for new beginnings (as every new faze is), but remembering to do so with ease and gentleness. So I want to cozy up in warm jumpers and sip tea and hot cocoa with those who matter most. And I want to be creative and work on new exciting projects and connect with wonderful people who inspire me. 

What is an intention you would like to have for this autumn? 

Love Tori



yoga & meditation Sep 10, 2020

I really believe that meditation is one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves and for those we love. People who meditate reported through a survey that they do it because;

feel more relaxed

sleep better

it clears and calms their mind

helps them focus better at work

feel more balanced within themselves and more connected to their body

feel more grounded and at peace

have less stress and anxiety

and that it boosts their energy levels!

All wonderful reasons to make it a daily habit...

If you're new to Meditation, it's really just a fancy word for taking some time to turn off distractions, connecting with our breath and turning our attention inwards. So today I want to share 5 ways to make meditation easy and a part of our daily routine. 

1. Don't call it meditation - instead think of it just as a moment you're taking to tune in and connect with yourself. A moment to breathe and give back to yourself.

2. Sit comfortably. If you're sitting on a chair - have your feet flat on the floor. Or if you're on your yoga mat, sit on a pillow and cross your legs in front of you, letting your hands rest in your lap. Try to have a straight but relaxed back, and close your eyes helps to focus our attention inwards.

3. Whenever we are trying to incorporate a new habit in to our day, it can help to do it at the same time every day and even in the same physical space. This makes it easier to remember, creates a familiarity around it and our mind begins to automatically relax as we get ready to meditate. So pick a time and space that works for you...

Personally I love to meditate in the morning just after my son and husband has left, before I start work. I have created a little space in the living room where I keep my YinMama Wool Yoga Mat and Meditation Pillow, that feels inviting and really comfortable. Creating this space makes me really want to take this moment every day for myself and it helps me feel more relaxed and focused throughout the day. 

If your mornings feel chaotic, try taking a few minutes after parking the car before you step in to work, or after a shower in the evening before bed. Choose anywhere or any time that works for you.

4. You'll probably find that when you sit down to take this moment, your mind is flooded with thoughts! That's normal. The aim of meditation isn't to stop our thoughts, but rather to allow time for your mind chatter to vent out and for your thoughts and feelings to surface and release, so that you can go about your day with a more calm and focused mind...

So when the thoughts pop up - don't try to push them away. Simply allow them to come up, and on the next exhale just let them pass... not paying too much attention to them. Kind of like clouds in the air, they're just there - floating past. When you find yourself thinking about something, just bring your attention back to your breath. 

It can also help to use touch to bring your attention back to the present moment, which is why I love to hold a crystal while meditating. Whenever my thoughts start to pop up, I breathe and notice the weight of the crystal in my hand. (The energy in certain crystals are also said to help us feel more relaxed, grounded and present. To learn more about which crystal to use, you can check out the crystal guide here). 

5. Make it short. 2-5 minutes to begin with is great, then built from there. And in the beginning, it can be easiest to use a guided meditation - listening to someone walk you through it. I have created a guided meditation for you that is perfect any time you want to connect inward, breathe and feel more relaxed. Click play here to listen

I hope you find these tips helpful and give it a try - notice how you feel after and throughout the day. 




yoga & meditation Sep 03, 2020

In this 20 minute video I guide you through 5 gentle yin and restorative yoga poses, perfect for relaxation in the evening.

Please keep in mind that this is only meant as a guide - Yoga should never feel painful, and only do what feels natural and ok for you. 

This video contains advertisement for the YinMama Wool Yoga mat, palo santo and essential oil roller;)

Find a quiet space, roll out your yoga mat and click play on the video above. I also recommend listening to this song on Spotify when we start the firs yoga pose. 

Enjoy :)




crystals inspiration shop Aug 28, 2020

There is no right or wrong way to use a crystal, and different crystals can often be used for similar things. So when choosing a crystal, regardless of whether it is your first or you've collected hundreds, go with whichever one you instinctively and aesthetically are drawn too. You'll often find when you read about the crystal that it is just the one you need. (interestingly enough - if you find a crystal you absolutely can't stand the look of - it may be telling you that there is something here you need to look at and work on). 

When you receive your crystals - it is important to first cleanse them and then "program it" to work in a specific way for you. You can cleanse your crystals in many ways. Simply place it on a Selenite crystal, light a Palo Santo stick and let the smoke envelop it, or rinse it in water and put it in a cup of salt overnight.

When your crystal is cleansed, hold it in your hands and say out loud; "I remove all past programming from this crystal". Then next set your own intention by saying out loud; "with love and light I program this crystal to ..." - insert what it is you would like it to help you with. An example of an intention could be "remind me to take a breath and relax" or "help me achieve my goals of ..." or "help me sleep better". 

The more you touch and use your crystal, the more regularly you'll want to cleanse it. (without needing to program it). And as crystals hold energy, place them by a window or outside every so often to "re-charge" them. 

Scroll down and find your favourite crystal(s), then read what it can do for you! 

Clear Quartz; Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer" because of its ability to create balance and harmony within our whole body. Besides being absolutely beautiful to look at, it is also said to bring clarity and focus, and be a powerful stone for manifesting your goals and dreams. 

Amethyst;Amethyst is a natural stress reliever that can encourage calm, peace, inner strength, spiritual growth, trusting your intuition and creativity. It attracts positive energy while clearing out and protects agains any negative energy. 

Selenite;Selenite is the perfect crystal to cleanse ourselves, our environment and other crystals. It is said to quickly unblock and remove any negative or stagnant energy, and can evoke a calming energy to bring deep peace and mental clarity. 

Rose Quartz;Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love including self-love. It is said to help to heal all aspects of the heart, balance our emotions, and restore passion and self-esteem.

Black Tourmaline;A powerful crystal for protection and elimination of negative energy around you. It is said to help ground you, re-balance and unblock any stagnant energy within your own body, help to neutralise negative thoughts, and absorb harmful electromagnetic energy. 

Smokey Quartz;Smokey Quartz is a grounding, centring and stabilising stone that makes it ideal for meditation. It it also said to help overcome negative emotions such as stress, fear, jealousy and frustration. 

Blue Lace Agate;This calming blue colour emits soothing vibrations that bring peace of mind and relaxation. One of the best crystals for stress, anxiety and sleep.

Botswana Agate;These pink and grey agate crystals (Botswana Agate) are said to be healing and grounding stones. The beautiful colours and patterns are comforting and soothing, reminding us that we sometimes need to take a step back to regain our balance and release stress and negativity. It can also help connect us to the feminine energy - the loving, nurturing, relaxing and creative. 

Crystals hold energy, and so ensuring that the crystals you buy are ethically sourced (with fair working conditions for those mining the crystals), is so important. All the crystals here at YinMama are guaranteed to be 1st grade quality (the best) and ethically sourced. You can shop your favourite ones here.

Have a wonderful day, Love



shop Aug 19, 2020

The YinMama Calm & Care Collection is now LIVE

Use the launch Discount code: YINMAMA to get 20% off Everything + Free shipping over 1000kr within Norway (Valid until Sunday evening)

I am so excited to launch this shop and share all of the wonderful products with you

Have a wonderful day!


inspiration Aug 18, 2020

To all dreamers out there… ”The world needs that special gift that only you have” - Marie Forleo

So whether it's dreaming about creating a family, being the best mother possible, finding a new partner, traveling the world or turning a passion into a business… please know that you can.

My advice would just be to make sure you know why you want it, and know it takes patience, presence and kindness. Do it with joy and surround yourself with people that help you shine your light.

Because there are always going to be people who say you can’t do something. Who raise eyebrows the moment you step out of the mould. Who say to your face that “its cool you're trying, but I don't think you’ll be successful”

But please know that anything anyone ever says to you, they’re speaking from their own experiences. Their fears. It has nothing to do with you.

2,5 years ago I wasn’t on instagram and had barely touched a camera. I had never written anything other than school essays and had no idea how to create a product or run a business. Trust me - you can learn anything.

We all have expanders - people we look up to who we wish we could be more like or do something similar. Wanna know a secret? The reason you look up to them is because something in you is telling you that you can too. You have those gifts, you just need to remember and take the necessary action to create it for yourself.

2,5 years ago I had someone help me understand and see my own gifts and talents, something I will be forever grateful for. I had an idea, a vision for what I wanted to create, and since they already had a business, we decided to team up. We started a new business together and I worked by butt off for weeks and weeks, learning and turning my idea into a physical product. I quit my job and went all in.

2 weeks later they changed their mind and wanted out. That was ok. Remember you are always allowed to change your mind, at anytime for any reason. And honestly I panicked for about a day, but I had a feeling deep down that things were happening just as they were meant too...

After having treated so many patients for symptoms of stress while working 6 years as an acupuncturist, I wanted to create something that would help women find more time and space for calm and balance in their lives, and so the blog YinMama was born. I spent 2 years learning all about business, photography, and created an online course (which opens once a year now). So much work, but oh so much fun.

When covid-19 broke out and we all went into lock down, I think many of us were forced to face some fears. To look at old patterns and make necessary changes to how we are living our lives…

And the thing that came up for me? Feeling stuck. Like I wasn’t moving forward because something was missing. I realised I had blocked a large part of me - creating the products that I started my journey doing in the first place, products I know will help so many create more calm in their busy everyday lives. Fear and shame will do that to you... Worrying if you can do it alone, what people will think and believing the hurtful things that someone might have once said.

Im sharing this because there is one thing that shame and fear can’t take… the light. In sharing my own fears and the journey from then to now, Im hoping it can inspire someone else to follow their dream. To follow that voice inside that says “hmm, maybe I can…”

Because regardless of what someone else’s opinion of you may be or of what they believe you should or shouldn't be doing, it doesn’t matter because it's their opinion and has nothing to do with you. Don’t dim your light just because someone else doesn’t understand. As Lisa Nichols would say, “If someone else can’t handle your light, then honey hand them some shades”. Be true and you do you. 

My heart and soul goes into everything I create, and tomorrow I am so excited to be sharing the YinMama Calm and Care Collection with you!




ritual kit self-care Aug 13, 2020

In an increasingly hectic everyday life where most of the things we do are by habit and often subconscious, taking some time to create our own rituals can be a lovely way to slow down, tune-in and care for ourselves. 

A simple everyday thing we do like drinking a cup of coffee, doing some stretching, taking a bath or putting on a face-mask, can be something that we just do out of habit and because we like it, we know it helps our body and it can give us a nice glow... For some taking time for self-care may even feel a bit indulgent, superficial or selfish. But the moment we add intention to what we are doing and slow down enough to do it with presence, it can change not only how we feel within ourselves but it can also help us to be more mindful in our everyday life.

Rituals and ceremonies have been practiced for hundreds of years and although for some it is connected to religion, it is actually a natural and for some a spiritual practice. Making and drinking tea in Japan is a sacred tea ritual where a great deal of time, presence and love is poured into it. Self-care practices using clay masks, baths and beauty products have been important rituals for women through centuries as a way to celebrate the feminine energy, and to take time to be thankful for and give back to our body's that do so much for us. 

A ritual, however big or small, can be about simply taking some time for yourself to nourish, nurture, love and care for yourself.

Having been fascinated by rituals and read a lot about why they can be beneficial to our well-being, I have learnt that rituals can help us to connect inward and access, honour and strengthen our own confidence and identity. It can make something ordinary feel meaningful, creating a sense of purpose and belonging. It can help us tune in to our needs and keep us focused on our goals. It can allow time and space to do something meaningful and to practice gratitude. And it can be a much needed break from all the business of life and simply be with yourself. 

I personally created a morning routine a few years ago that has adapted and evolved, and now become a sacred time for myself. I create a ritual where I start by moving and stretching my body to connect inwards. Then I light some Palo Santo to cleanse my energy and use essential oils to centre and calm myself, helping me to tune in to myself with meditation. Crystals are known to hold energy and so I love to them in different ways to strengthen my intention. Throughout the day I keep them with me as reminders to take a breath, release stress and tension, or simply to have something to hold and rest my eyes on when I need a moment of calm. 

By taking this time to myself I notice how much more aware I am of my own energy throughout the day, making it easier to check in more often, connect with my breathing and not do too much (leaving more energised in the evening rather than depleted). I notice how by taking the time to be grateful for and enjoy even the most simple everyday things, it makes me enjoy them so much more and I feel it helps to increase my overall health and well-being. 

Everyone is different so your needs might naturally differ from mine, which is why creating rituals is very personal. A few ways to help them become a natural part of your life is to;

- Take something you do everyday and incorporate more presence and love into doing it.

- When creating a new ritual like incorporating meditation into your day, try doing it at the same time every day and in the same place.

- Involve your senses by adding smells such as essential oils, something to hold and touch to help you connect with your body, and sight - something to rest your eyes on to help you stay present.

- "Open and close" your ritual. If you want to journal, opening your ritual could be clearing your table and making some tea, preparing you for what you're about to do. Closing it could be putting it back in its place and being grateful for having spent that time journaling. I personally love to meditate and so I open my ritual by burning Palo Santo, and close it by thinking of all that I am grateful for and putting everything neatly away in its place. 

I believe in these moments so deeply that when deciding to launch an online shop, I wanted to include a ritual kit that would contain what I personally use and find to be so helpful in my rituals. The YinMama Calm & Care Ritual Kit is perfect for creating your own self-care and meditation ritual to help you take moments out of your busy day to calm and care for your mind and body. It contains;

A beautiful essential oil roller with lavender, ylang ylang, sandalwood and frankincense essential oils in a base of organic coconut oil, infused with rose quartz crystals. It smells heavenly and can instantly help us feel more calm and grounded, with clear mind and increased sense of wellbeing.

3 palo santo sticks to cleanse and bless your space and yourself.

6 ethically sourced crystals;
〰 Selenite
〰 raw Amethyst
〰 Rose Quartz
〰 Smokey Quartz
〰 Black Tourmaline
〰 Blue lace agate

It comes beautifully wrapped in a re-usable box, with a "how to" card and a white linen pouch for your crystals.

It will be available next week and I'm so excited to share it with you! 

Wishing you a wonderful day, love



self-care Jul 04, 2020

Closing for self-care and spiritual maintenance because I practice what I preech

I always talk about Yin and Yang and how there needs to be a balance between the two. And the past few weeks I have been hustling and working hard to prepare launching the YinMama shop and a new exciting project starting in august. Now I LOVE working on my buisness (and i’m pretty sure that I didn’t know better or have my son, I would work non-stop), but after a period of being very much in yang energy, my body needs Yin now. My family is taking a 4 week holiday and I want to disconnect completely and really be present. I want to rest and care for my mind and body so that I can truly ENJOY the next chapter come august!! 

So i’m taking a break from social media and from the blog to rest, spend time with family, be out in nature, practice yoga and self-care, and just fill my own cup. I know deep down that by doing this - i will have so much more energy and creativity for whats to come. Have a wonderful summer and see you again soon!




acupressure Jul 02, 2020

SP6 is one of the most common points to use for treating gynaecological, emotional or digestive issues. This point can help to strengthen our liver-, spleen- and kidney energy, nourish the blood and yin energy, and calm the mind. It can also help to move stagnant energy (often from emotional stress) and remove what in Chinese medicine is known as “dampness” - that often can make us feel sluggish, fatigued and brain fogged. All in all a pretty great point to use whenever you want to re-balance your body´s hormones and energy. 

SP6 is located on the inside of your leg, one hand width from the highest point on your ankle, just off the tibia bone. This point is often very tender, press and hold with medium pressure or massage it gently clockwise while taking 5 deep belly breaths. Pause and repeat three times before moving on to the last point.

Important: do not use this point if pregnant!

Great to combine with YinTang, ST36 and KI1 to calm your mind and relax your body.




mindset Jun 25, 2020

With summer approaching and exciting things happening soon, I'm working hard to get stuff done before we start our family vacation next week. And in the midst of working late, planning and overthinking a few things, I came across a post on instagram that inspired and reminded me of a few key mindset shifts that are so easy to forget when life gets busy, but that we all need reminding of sometimes. So I wanted to share them with you. 

1. The race is long and in the end - it is only with yourself. Take your time and remember that the most important thing is to enjoy your life. Plan for the future - but find joy in the now. 

2. There are a million things you could be doing but ask yourself if you want to be doing them. Get super clear on how you spend your time and energy and tune in to your body to let it guide you. Do you feel uplifted, energised and calm while doing something? or stressed, uptight or overwhelmed? Do none (or much less) of the latter and find the balance between what you really need to do and what you love to do. 

3. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Really be so thankful for everything you have and get to do. That morning coffee that tastes so good - savour it. The hug from your little one - be there and feel it so hard your heart almost bursts with love. Look up from your phone and take in the beautiful nature around you. 

4. Be in the now. Have a conversation with a friend or partner without talking about something that is going to happen in the future and stop yourself the moment you find yourself drifting off mid conversation. Be here. 

5. Cultivate a growth mindset - be a student of life. We all make mistakes and no one is perfect, so be curious. When bad things happen think - how can I learn from this? When amazing things happen - take the win! Acknowledge it and take a moment to enjoy and celebrate it. 

6. Enjoy the sunshine. Smile and breathe. Some things can just wait...

So what things can you let go of to feel lighter, happier and more free? And what can you be grateful for in this moment?

Have a wonderful day, love


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