You know what I really want to do this autumn? Let go... Let go of huge expectations and pressure to do and be anything other than what feels right for me. Let go of feeling like I need to squeeze myself into a box to please others. Let go of thinking that life is too busy or stressful to really enjoy myself. Let go of thinking that if I haven't  achieved or done x, y, z yet, I cant relax or i'm not successful enough yet... 

I want to give myself time to breathe. to be creative. to do all the important and necessary stuff with more ease and joy. to simply be. 

And for the times I catch myself wanting to do something but automatically thinking "I don't have time", I want to remind myself to think "how can I find the time..." (which automatically has my brain searching for solutions rather than shutting the thought off altogether). 

I also want to be ok with not always feeling ok or like life is all rainbows (because we all have struggles). I want to be courageous enough to sit with it. to feel it. and then to let it go. And for every time I do, I want to feel the gratitude and growth that comes from those uncomfortable moments.

I want to embrace autumn which has the energetic quality of yin - a time to calm, to reflect, to surrender and let go...

Autumn is also a time for new beginnings (as every new faze is), but remembering to do so with ease and gentleness. So I want to cozy up in warm jumpers and sip tea and hot cocoa with those who matter most. And I want to be creative and work on new exciting projects and connect with wonderful people who inspire me. 

What is an intention you would like to have for this autumn? 

Love Tori



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