One of my favourite self-care activities is to take a long shower or bath, and lather my body with nourishing body cream after. And a few years ago I started experimenting with making my own skincare products using all natural oils, essential oils and really what I happened to have in my kitchen.

I love to create a little ritual around making it too, because although it doesn't take long, the act of making something for myself with love, makes if feel even more luxurious while using it. (Also a lot of shelf bought creams can be full of toxins and unhealthy ingredients, so by making it ourselves, we know exactly what it contains). 

So today I want to share a really simple recipe for body cream with you. And if you don't have all the ingredients, get creative and use what you instinctively feel your body may need. 


- 1 dl organic coconut oil

- 1 tbs organic liquid honey

- for a heavenly scent use 6 drops of lavender essential oil and 4 drops of sandalwood, or bergamot essential oil. (If you don't have essential oils leave them out, or use any other you love the smell of). 

Mix all the ingredients in a bow and whisk until creamy white and smooth. Then scoop the cream into a glass or metal container with a lid, and keep in a cool place away from sunlight for up to two months. 

After having a lovely shower, scoop the cream out with a spoon and massage a thin layer of cream all over your body. Allow to absorb for a few minutes before dressing or jumping in to bed! 

I hope you love this easy yet nourishing self-care tip as much as I do.

Love Tori 



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