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The Norwegian wellness company passionate about inspiring and helping women take moments out of their busy day to calm and care for their mind and body.

Here you can shop our eco-friendly products, take a course and read our blog for inspiration. All designed to help you move and live more mindfully, and feel like your most rested, vibrant and healthy self 



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Hi, I'm Tori Gabarro - the founder of YinMama®

As an acupuncturist, wellness coach, yoga Instructor, writer and mother, i’m passionate about helping women create more balance and calm within themselves and in life.

The YinMama blog, courses and products are designed to help you take moments out of your busy day for you - to tune in, connect, love and care for yourself. I believe that when we take these moments, we can feel so much more relaxed, present and happy, and in turn have so much more to give back to those we love and the things we want and need to do.


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