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The truth is...

〰️ you don't need to feel so tired, distracted, stressed, anxious or frustrated...

〰️ you don't need to feel like no matter how much you do, it never seems to be enough...

〰️ and you don't need to feel like you don't have time to do the things you want and need to do to stay healthy and energised...

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feeling truly relaxed, present and happy within yourself and while spending time with those you love

feeling connected and in touch with your own needs, knowing what you need for your own health and well-being to stay balanced

✓ having a calm and focused mind, that doesn't get so easily triggered or stressed

and having the energy and time to do ALL the things you need and want to do, especially when life is busy

You can have it all and can you can do it without burning yourself out.

Because when you calm your mind, create inner balance and have simple habits and routines that make everyday life easier, you can feel like the best version of yourself possible. And you can experience having so much more energy to give back to those you love and everything that needs to be done in a busy everyday life, while also caring for yourself.

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Hi, I'm Tori - an acupuncturist, wellness coach, Yoga Instructor, mother and the founder of YinMama®

I'm passionate about inspiring, supporting and helping women to create more balance and calm within themselves and in their life.

I believe that when we create our own unique inner balance, we can experience feeling so much more relaxed, present and happy, and in turn have so much more to give back to those we love and the things we want and need to do. 

The secret to creating this balance is through what I have come to call The Yin Moments Method™

It focuses on these key areas;

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Because you see, things haven't always been so easy and balanced for me...

I have been burnt out twice. The first time I was eighteen and due to overwork, stress and anxiety, which forced me to try something new, study acupuncture and basically fall in love with health, wellness and caring for my mind and body.

The second time was after becoming a mother, when I pushed myself so far trying to please everyone else and doing all the things I thought i "should" be doing.

And the truth is my whole life people had been telling me to just accept that life (especially as a mama) is chaotic, overwhelming and exhausting. That its normal...

But I longed to have my balance and knew that in order to be the best me and the best mother, partner, friend and business owner possible, I needed to also prioritise caring for myself.

I wanted to have enough energy to enjoy this precious time. I wanted to thrive not just survive. To feel in tune with myself and be relaxed, present and happy when spending time with those I love.

I wanted to get all the important stuff done, to focus on my work that I love, to be a calm and loving mama, AND I wanted time to be able to love and care for myself (without the guilt). 

I wanted to "have it all" without the stress, exhaustion or feeling like I was burning myself out. 

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If you keep doing what you've always done,

you're gonna keep getting what you've always gotten.

- Tony Robbins

So I spent a lot of time and energy researching, reading new books, taking online courses, becoming a yoga instructor and a coach, to figure out how I could create the balance that I so craved.

And it was when I combined all of it with my own knowledge and experience of Chinese Medicine, health and wellness that I had my aha moment!

See in Chinese Medicine we talk about how there must always be a balance between Yin and Yang.

But we live in such a fast pace society which is very much yang dominated (going, doing, pushing and working hard), where we give so much of ourselves to everyone we love and everything we do...

We often don't prioritise time or forget or perhaps don't really know how to also really nurture the Yin aspect.

I realised that when we stop pushing and instead shift our focus to prioritising moments out of our busy days for Yin; to tune-in, relax, nurture, nourish, love and care for ourselves in the right way, we create an inner alchemy of balance.

And when you do this - you have so much more energy! And can feel so much more relaxed, present and happy within yourself and in your life. That way you have so much more to give back to those you love and the things you need and want to do!

So I knew that these moments were important but I still hadn't cracked the code of exactly how to fit them in to my already busy schedule as a mama working full time...

So I spent a few more months studying what the women I admired were doing and began to implement these moments of Yin into my day... 

After a lot of time, testing, trial and error;

it suddenly all clicked and everything changed! And honestly it surprised me because it was so ridiculously simple. When I implemented these small tweaks, everything changed...

When I began implementing these steps, I began to feel more energised and focused.
My mind was calm, my body relaxed and I felt more present and happy within myself and while spending time with my family, friends and in my business than I EVER had before ✨
I felt like I suddenly had plenty of time to get all the important things done and, even though life was very busy as a mama working full time, I also had plenty of time to also care for myself 🥰

This is something I believe all women and especially mothers should know, so I started sharing it with my friends, creating courses about it and hosting workshops. The feedback has been beyond anything I could have imagined and now, almost 3 years later I am able to share it with you too through my online course YinMama Balanced™✨ The essential guide to creating your balance, having more energy and feeling relaxed, present and happy.

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This is a 6 week online course that walks you step by step through The Yin Moments Method™ and shows you exactly how you can create your own Mind, Body and Life balance

I have combined all my knowledge and experience of Chinese Medicine, health and wellness, being a busy mother working full time, and put it into a super simple, organised, practical and easy to follow course for you! 

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Introduction and the basics - starts February 11th

✓setting intentions for the course

✓We dive deep into what balance means to you and how everyone benefits when you feel your best (so you can ditch the guilt)

✓Introduction to meditation and how to use it to calm our busy mind and connect with ourselves

✓self-love 101

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Mindset shift

We all have negative thought patterns, insecurities and fears (many of which are often unconscious), that can affect how we feel, our relationships and how we react and experience everyday life. So in week 2 we are talking about mindset and more specifically:

✓ The 3 simple yet powerful tools to discover and quickly reprogram our thinking into being so much more positive, supportive, loving and empowering. So that you can feel happier and more confident in yourself.

✓How to let go of fear, self-doubt and negative self-talk that may be preventing you from feeling your best

✓ How to use mantras/positive affirmations in our daily life

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Mindset part 2

✓ Letting go of the idea of perfection and knowing you are enough, right now. 

✓ Accepting, forgiving, letting go and moving forward

✓ How to silence your inner critic and become your own cheerleader

✓ The power of now and using visualisation to feel like the best version of yourself possible

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Balanced body

When the energy in your body is balanced, you feel relaxed and happy, with plenty of energy.

But things like stress, negative experiences and overworking ourselves for too long without enough rest and care, can deplete your energy and cause stagnation or blocks within the bodies energy channels. This can cause unwanted emotional or physical symptoms such as anxiety, frustration, exhaustion, muscle tension, headaches, pms etc... So in week 4 we look at:

The simple way to deal with stress in a healthy way

The 10 do`s and don`ts of chinese medicine to have more energy

The key to balancing yin and yang when life is busy; going, doing and movement with resting and caring for yourself through Yin Moments (so you don't get overwhelmed or burnt out)

✓ The 5 simple principles to follow when nourishing your beautiful body to support your bodies needs and boost your energy levels ✨

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Creating balance part 2

How to release emotional blocks and re-balance your bodies energy through acupressure and tapping (vital for feeling energised, relaxed and happy).

Connecting inward, strengthening and trusting your intuition, and becoming better at knowing what energises you and what depletes you.. (This is perhaps the most important thing you can know to prevent burn out)

 Understanding and tracking your menstrual cycle

How to go with the natural flow of your bodies energy (instead of against it like we often do... and how to track your menstrual cycle) 🌸

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Habits, routines & time

Life is busy and often we think it's about having to be and do more. But this will really only leave us feeling exhausted... And I know how difficult it can be to find the time (and perhaps the motivation) to do what you feel you should or need to do to feel good. So in week 6 I share:

✓ what positive habits and routines you can easily implement into your life to create a daily life with less stress, more balance, ease and everyday joy. 

✓ The secret to getting more done by doing less... (yes it is possible)

✓ Combining everything from this course to create your unique YinMama Miracle Routine that leaves you feeling energised and ready for anything, with a focused and calm mind, for a happier and more balanced life 🌱

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6 Live weekly sessions (Value: 2990kr)

Each Thursday we meet via zoom to talk about that weeks theme

I also answer any questions you may have 🥰

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YinMama Balanced workbook (Value 490kr)

quick read summaries of tips + simple action steps from each week that you can take to create your ideal balance

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6 Guided Meditations (Value 590kr)

Each week you get a new guided Meditations and visualisations to help you tune in to yourself and your needs, calm your mind, relax your body, forgive and let go, empower, love and heal, and to feel like the best version of yourself possible. 

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Self-Care Checklist (Value 290kr)

✓ An easy go-to list of the amazing self-care activities to calm and nourish your mind, body and spirit. 

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YinMama Balanced Planner (Value 290kr)

 a downloadable planner that can help to eliminate the stress and overwhelm, shifts your focus to what is important AND allows plenty of time for you to also care for yourself.

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Access for a whole year

 you get access to the course for a whole year so you can go at your own pace and re-visit the videos any time. 

Total value of your Bonuses alone: 4650kr

So you may be thinking what a course that can deliver all this actually costs...

And if I were to teach this 1:1 it would actually be tens of thousands of kroner. But because I have found a great way to deliver all of this to you in such a simple and great way (where you also get access to me and help should you have any questions), I can offer it for a fraction of the price!

which means that right now you can get the entire course + all the 6 bonuses, for just a one time payment of 3997kr. 

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And I am so confident that you are going to LOVE this course, that I am also giving you a 30-day full money back guarantee! 

So you can try it out and join in live and ask me questions, and if for any reason you aren't happy with it or you don't feel like its for you... no problem. just send me an email within the first 30 days and I will give you a FULL and immediate refund. No hard feelings and no questions asked. 

Having worked with women for many years, helping them create balance through acupuncture and coaching, I have really come to understand that there is really no one size fits all because you and your life is unique.

Which is why The YinMama Balanced™ course empowers you by giving you the understanding and the tools that are needed for you to create you own mind, body and life balance. 

And I believe that women are meant to support and lift each other up! and it's much easier (and more fun!) to get some guidance along the way to creating your ideal balance.

Because there are always going to be stressful moments during our life. But it is how we care for our mind and body outside those stressful moments, that will determine how we experience and react when they happen.

It is a choice to create your balance by doing the inner work, and a priority we all need to make, not just for yourself, but also for those you love. Because everyone benefits from you being a more relaxed, present and happier you, with plenty of energy to enjoy your life!

During and after this course, you can expect to feel;

✓ relaxed, supported and inspired ✨

✓ with a deeper insight and understanding of what your body needs to be in balance and how to easily create it yourself 🌱

✓ and what simple things you can do in your everyday life to experience less stress, and more inner calm, energy and everyday ease and joy 🥰

Join this course to create your unique mind, body and life balance to feel like the best version of yourself possible.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside✨

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